Robotics Summer Camp

Robotics summer camp by La Sierra University Computer Science Department in partnership with the Riverside Unified School District, the City of Riverside, and Bourns Inc.

Self Balancing Robot

A simple little self balancing robot that is fun and easy to build. Challenge yourself and learn how to build one here.

Rainbow Lights

This is a ring of 60 RGB LEDs. You can control each individual LED to turn on any color you like to create interesting colorful patterns. Each LED has a WS2812 controller embedded in it. All 60 lights are controlled by the Arduino using only one data signal line.

Learn how to make a beautiful Christmas lights display with a string of 150 RGB LEDs that is 15 feet long or a reaction game.

Lights for Your Wheels

A fun project to do that will make you the envy of your bicycle friends. Flashing red lights, left and right turn signals, horn and other light effects for your bicycle wheels.

2017 Robotics Summer Camp with Riverside Unified School District

Dr. Hwang, Chair of the Computer Science Department at La Sierra University, in partnership with the Riverside Unified School District and Bourns Inc. held a one-week long Robotics Summer Camp.

Robots in action

Robots in action from a previous Robotics Summer Camp

City of Riverside Spotlight

Outstanding City of Riverside Citizen Award

Outstanding Citizen Award

Dr Enoch Hwang being honored as an Outstanding Citizen of Riverside by Riverside Mayor William R. Bailey, III and Councilmember John Burnard during the City Council Meeting on April 25th, 2017 at the Riverside City Hall. Standing with him in the front row from left to right are Councilmember Burnard, wife Windy, daughter Michelle, Isabelle Pastrano (one of the first place 2017 RoboGames winner), Dr Hwang, and Riverside Mayor Bailey. Second row are the other City Council Members. Click here to see more pictures of the event.

2017 RoboGames

2017 RoboGames picture

Five teams participated by creating and programing their autonomous robots to pick up color-specific balls and carrying them to the designated goals. Congratulations to the winners and to all the teams for their great work. Click here to see more pictures of the competition. Click here to see article in the Press Enterprise.

Video of 1st place robot in action. Video of Round 3.

2016 Summer Camp Robot Competition Winning Robot

2016 camp picture

The 2016 Robotics Summer Camp robot competition winning robot built by Javan Kowlton (age 12), Joshua Deckman (age 12), Ethan Grable (age 12), and Jonathan Christen (age 11).

Robotic Arm

This robotic arm is controlled by a ESP8266 module. It is connected wirelessly to the internet so that the arm can be operated from anywhere on the internet using a standard browser. You can turn the arm 360 degrees either clockwise or counterclockwise, raise or lower the arm, turn on the electric magnet, and pick up the metal balls.

Wireless Analog Data Acquisition System

This wireless analog data acquisition system uses a Bluetooth connection between the controller and a mobile device. The controller is implemented on a FPGA.


  • "Arduino Uno"
  • "Arduino Uno"

The Arduino is an open source development platform for learning robotics, automation, computer programming and embedded systems. It is well suited for all levels from beginners to advance.

Getting Started

To get started on your first Arduino project, you'll need to get an Arduino (the hardware) and the Arduino IDE (the software) for programming the Arduino. Click here to see where you can get these items.

After you've gotten them, then follow these instructions for your first Arduino project to make a LED light blink.

Internet of Things (IOT)

This is my IOT experimental project