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Check out these sources for getting your parts to build all of these projects.

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Projects Level Hardware Stuff You'll Learn Software Stuff You'll Learn

1 My First Arduino Project Beginner Arduino IDE, LED setup, loop, ; (semicolon), { } (curly braces),
// and /* */ (comments),
pinMode, OUTPUT,
digitalWrite, HIGH and LOW, delay
2 Making music Beginner digital output pin, buzzer, breadboard tone, noTone, #define, #include, functions
3 External LED Beginner Arduino IDE, LED, resistor, breadboard int (variable declaration),
= (variable assignment)
4 Two LEDs Beginner LED, resistor, breadboard int (variable declaration),
= (variable assignment)
5 Fading LED Beginner analog output pin, LED, resistor, breadboard analogWrite, for, ++ (increment),
- - (decrement), <, >=

6 Potentiometer Beginner potentiometer analogRead, Serial.begin, Serial.write, if, else
7 Push button Beginner push button, internal pull-up and pull-down resistors digitalRead,
INPUT, OUTPUT, if, ==, random, while
8 4x3 Keypad Intermediate Keypad #include, Keypad library

9 RGB LED Beginner RGB LED analogWrite, for, ++ (increment),
- - (decrement), <, >=
10 7-segment LED display Beginner 7-segment LED display functions,, break, random number
11 Rainbow lights Intermediate RGB LED ring, WS2812 #include, WS2812_RobotsForFun library
12 8x7-segment LED displays Advance 3/4-digit 7-segment LED displays, MAX7219 #include, LedControl library
13 8x8 dot maxtrix LED display Advance 8x8 dot matrix, MAX7219 #include, LedControl library
14 Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) Advance LCD display LiquidCrystal library, functions
15 Organic LED (OLED) display Advance OLED display functions

16 Light sensor Beginner photo resistor analogRead, Serial.begin, Serial.println, if, else
17 Tilt sensor Beginner tilt sensor, internal pull-up and pull-down resistors pinMode, digitalRead
18 IR black/white/object sensor Beginner Object sensor and black/white sensor digitalRead
19 Ultrasonic distance sensor Beginner Distance sensor delayMicroseconds, pulseIn, functions
20 Time of Flight distance sensor Beginner Distance sensor
21 Motion sensor Beginner Motion sensor digitalRead, if, else
22 Sound sensor Beginner Sense when there is sound digitalRead
23 Temperature and Humidity sensor Intermediate Temperature and Humidity sensor #include, DHT library
24 Color sensor Intermediate Sense the color of an object
25 Gas sensor Intermediate Sense flammable gas
26 Magnetic compass Advance Sense the earth's magnetic fields
27 Gyroscope and accelorometer Advance Sense the spin, tilt, and acceleration of an object #include, MPU6050_RobotsForFun library

Motors and electromagnets
28 Servo motor Beginner Servo motor #include, Servo.h library, attach, write, for
29 Stepper motor Intermediate Stepper motor
30 Robot car chassis Intermediate
31 DC motor Intermediate DC motor
32 Robot car Intermediate
33 Electromagnet Intermediate Electromagnet, transistor, diode
34 Relay Intermediate Relay, high voltage

Clock, audio, and data saving
35 Internet NTP clock Beginner Network Time Protocol (NTP) clock DateTime_RobotsForFun library
36 Real-time clock Intermediate Real-time clock I2C protocol, Wire library, Time_master library
37 EEPROM Beginner EEPROM library, non-volatile memory
38 SD Card Intermediate SD card SPI library, SD library
39 Audio Player - DFPlayer Advance DFPlayer Mini audio player DFPlayer library
40 Audio Player - Music Shield Advance Music Shield audio player Music_Shield_V2_0 library

41 WiFi and the Internet Of Things (IOT) Advance ESP8266 WiFi_RobotsForFun library, Web page, HTML
42 WiFi using the ESP32 Advance ESP32 WiFi
43 Serial (RS232) Communication Advance SoftwareSerial library
44 Bluetooth Advance HC-05/06 Bluetooth library
45 I2C protocol Advance I2C protocol
46 Over The Air (OTA) upload Advance ESP8266

Full projects
47 Lights for your Wheels Intermediate RGB LED, WS2812, buttons, buzzer WS2812_RobotsForFun library
48 Clocks with no Knobs Advance ESP8266 WiFi, 7-segment displays WiFi_RobotsForFun library, LedControl library
49 Self Balancing Robot Advance Gyroscope and accelerometer, H-bridge, motors MPU6050_RobotsForFun library, PID library
50 Robotic arm Advance ESP8266, stepper motor, servo motor, RGB LED Web page, HTML
51 Wireless Analog Data Acquisition System Advance Bluetooth, FPGA, microcontrollers Android

Getting the Parts

Check out these sources for getting your parts to build all of these projects.