Getting your parts


The open-source Arduino IDE software is available for Windows PC, Mac OS X, and Linux, and it is free. You can download the Arduino IDE software here for Windows, for Macs, or from the official Arduino website.

You may also need to install this driver or this driver for Windows. Click here for detail instructions on installing the driver.

Hardware Parts

Email to if you want to purchase any of the following kits and parts.

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Instead of getting individual parts, you can get a complete kit.


Name, Description, and Price (in USD) Picture
Arduino Uno R3. Size: 6.9cm x 5.3cm. Includes USB cable. $10 Arduino Uno R3USB cable
Arduino Nano. Size: 4.3cm x 1.7cm. Includes USB cable. $7 Arduino Nano
Arduino Pro Mini. Size: 3.4cm x 1.8cm. DOES NOT include USB cable and requires the USB-to-Serial adapter (sold separately) to program. $5 Arduino Pro Mini
Lights and Displays
LEDs (blue, red, white, yellow, green) $1 for two or $2 for set of five (blue, red, white, yellow, green) LEDs
7-segment LED (1 digit) $1 7-segment LED (1 digit) 7-segment LED (1 digit)
7-segment red LED (3 digits) (does not include the MAX7219 driver IC) $3 7-segment LED (3 digits)
7-segment red LED (4 digits) (does not include the MAX7219 driver IC) $4 7-segment LED (4 digits)
7-segment red LED (8 digits) (includes the MAX7219 driver IC) $7 7-segment LED (8 digits)
8x8 dot matrix red LED (includes the MAX7219 driver IC) $7 8x8 dot matrix LED
MAX7219 LED display driver IC for controlling up to eight 7-segment LED displays $3 MAX7219 LED driver
24 RGB LED ring with built-in WS2812 controller $10 24 RGB LED ring
16 RGB LED ring with built-in WS2812 controller $8 16 RGB LED ring
12 RGB LED ring with built-in WS2812 controller $6 12 RGB LED ring
8 RGB LED ring with built-in WS2812 controller $4 8 RGB LED ring
2x16 character LCD display $7 2x16 LCD
0.96" 128x64 OLED LCD display $7 128x64 OLED display
Buzzer (passive) $2 Buzzer
Speaker $5 speaker
Switches and Sensors
Push button $1 Push button
Keypad 3x4 flexible plastic $5 Keypad
Keypad 3x4 durable hard plastic $7 Keypad
Light sensor (photo resistor) $2 Light sensor
Tilt sensor SW-520D $2 Tilt sensor
Infrared (IR) black/white/object sensor $5 Infrared sensor
Ultrasonic sensor HC-SR04 $5 Ultrasonic distance sensor
Motion (PIR) sensor HC-SR501 $5 Motion sensor
Sound sensor $5 Sound sensor
Color sensor TCS230/TCS3200 $5 Color sensor
Temperature and humidity sensor DHT11 $5 Temperature sensor
Gas (flammable) sensor MQ-2 $5 Gas sensor
Magnetic compass GY-273 $5 Compass
Gyroscope and accelorometer GY-521 $5 Gyroscope and accelorometer
Clock and Audio
Real-time clock IC (for making a clock with calendar) $5 Real-time clock
SD card audio player (SD card not included) $7 music player
Motors and Relays
Servo motor SG90 $7 Servo motor
Stepper motor (includes driver IC) $7 Stepper motor
Robot chassis with two DC motors, wheels, battery holder and mounting hardware. Includes the L293D H-Bridge IC for controlling the DC motors. $35 Robot chassis
L293D H-Bridge IC for controlling DC motors $3 L293D H-Bridge
Relay module $5 Relay
ESP8266-01 Wifi module (has 2 I/O ports) $7 ESP8266-01
ESP8266-12 Wifi module (has 12 I/O ports) $10 ESP8266-12
Bluetooth master and slave HC-05 $10 Bluetooth HC-05
Bluetooth slave only HC-06 $7 Bluetooth HC-06
USB-to-Serial Adapter for programming the ESP8266 or the Aduino Pro Mini $7 USB-to-Serial Adapter
5V to 3.3V converter for powering the ESP8266 WiFi module $2 5 to 3.3V converter
Transistor NPN 3904 or 2N2222 $1 Transistor
Diode $1 Diode
Potentiometer (10K) $1 Potentiometer
Resistors $1 for 5 (any value)
  • 150 Ω (brown-green-brown)
  • 330 Ω (orange-orange-brown)
  • 1K Ω (brown-black-red)
  • 4.7K Ω (yellow-violet-red)
  • 22K Ω (red-red-orange)
Breadboard with 400 tie points $5 Breadboard
Larger breadboard with 830 tie points $7 Breadboard big
Wires 12 pieces with assorted colors (3 long and 9 short) $2 Wires
Storage box $15 Storage box

Parts subject to change or vary slightly.