Relay Experiments

After completing the relay project, test yourself by trying these experiments.

1 The relay can be used to control high-power devices. As an example, we will use the relay to turn on a 120V AC light.

Danger High Voltage

Warning!!! 120 Volt AC can kill you if you are not careful. DO NOT make this connection unless you know what you are doing, and with an adult supervision. Continue at your own risk.

2 Make the following connections:

Relay with 120V AC light connection
  • The connections for the relay electromagnet on the left side is exactly as before. This portion is not dangerous.
  • Connect the 120V AC and lamp to the common and NO terminals on the relay as shown in the schematic circuit. BE VERY CAREFUL here!
3 Send a HIGH signal to pin 2 to turn on the electromagnet, which will turn on the 120V lamp.
Send a LOW signal to pin 2 to turn off the electromagnet, which will turn off the 120V lamp.