LCD Display

In this project, you'll learn how to connect and control a LCD display.

This Liquid Crystal Display is capable of displaying 16 characters on two rows.

The liquid crystal library contains all of the functions for controlling the LCD.

Parts needed:
  • Arduino
  • 2x16 LCD display
  • Two 150 Ω resistors (brown-green-brown)
  • Wires
  • Breadboard
1 Making the connections

LCD pins Arduino pins Description
2 5V VDD
3 Vo connect to 150 Ω resistor. Other end connect to LCD pin 16 (K).
4 12 RS
6 11 E (Enable)
11 5 D4
12 4 D5
13 3 D6
14 2 D7
15 A (backlight LED+) connect to 5V
16 K (backlight LED-) connect to 150 Ω resistor. Other end connect to GND.
LCD connections
2 Create a new program by selecting File from the menu
  • then select Examples
  • then select LiquidCrystal
  • then select HelloWorld

Refer to the liquid crystal library reference documentation for details on how to use the functions in this library.
LCD code
3 Run the program and you'll see the words "hello world!" displayed, and the count in seconds.