Device Drivers

If the Arduino IDE does not recognize your Arduino board, you may need to install one of the following drivers. Which one to install will depend on which Arduino board you are using. If you are not sure which one to use then try the first one first.

1. Click on the link to download the driver. The downloaded zip file should be in the Downloads folder.

2. Browse to the Downloads folder and open up the zip folder that you just downloaded.

3. Copy the folder that is inside the zip file to the Desktop.

4. From the Windows Search bar (Cortana in Windows 10 or Start in Windows 7), type in Device Manager.
Device Manager

5. Click on the Device Manager Control Panel item from the list of found items.

6. You will see something similar to the picture below. Under Ports (COM & LPT), the icon next to the USB2.0-Serial should have a yellow exclamation sign.
Device Manager

7. Right-click on it and select Update Driver in the pop-up menu.

8. Click on Browse my computer for driver software

9. Click on the Browse... button, and select the Desktop.
Device Manager

10. Click Next. Windows should now install the driver. If the correct drive is installed successfully then the yellow exclamation sign should no longer be there.
Device Manager